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Brass is a soft and heavy material which ages beautifully. Brass may oxidize with time, embrace it or get the original color back with a polishing agent for brass (one for copper will also work) To speed the process of aging, wear it in the shower, leave it in damp rooms, and wear a lot of perfume or lotions. To slow it down, do the contrary.


All of our plated pieces are thick plated on brass or 925 silver. Depending on use, plated pieces will wear, meaning that they will become personalized pieces, each revealing in its own unique way. To slow the process of aging, avoid water and damp rooms, perfume, lotions or chemicals that can damage your jewelry. Plated pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth.


This is a unique piece of jewelry and, because of its composition, is fragile; a fall or strong knock could damage it. To clean, use a special cloth for gold and silver jewelry and rub gently.


All of our semi- precious and precious stones are natural and can vary in size and color, which makes each pieces of jewelry unique. Diamonds are purchased from authorized diamond traders, they are controlled, graded and only comes from countries with good conditions. For the glass pieces take care to protect the stones from knocks and scratches.

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